Rentchamber  is Africa’s leading name and champion of Affordable Housing. We are the most trusted company when it comes to apartment rentals, property sales, estate development and management, facility management etc.

In one sentence; Rentchamber seeks to make it extremely easy for people to be able to have a place to live

Rentchamber is NOT a ‘classified’ website. Because unlike our competitors who basically are listing websites-that just allow people to list their properties for Rent or Purchase; a situation that criminals take advantage of, Rentchamber is a complete company that works directly with property owners or landlords on the ground.

Every property that is published on our website is well verified and all the underground checks done. You cannot directly post properties on our website.

Our focus is to weed-out all the artificial challenges and criminal activities in the housing industry. We want to make housing actually affordable to the ordinary Ghanaian or African.

By giving the opportunity to prospective Tenants to be able to search and find suitable spaces and get to pay their rent on monthly basis. No more 6, 12 or 24 months advance payments

No It won’t be more expensive. Our business model ensures that your monthly rent is just the same as the average monthly payment else where. Our monthly rent may even be cheaper compared to the market.

One of our tenants who just got out of university has started her business because we gave her the opportunity to put her savings to a better use-doing business, instead using all of that money to pay 12 months advance.

Visit the Rentchamber website and look for the place property of your choice. Or you can just fill the Rent Application Form and we will find a place for you.

Great question. We understand your pains and struggles noting that you have to toil in the hands of very uneducated and sometime criminally minded individuals who pose as agents.

At Rentchamber, we have our own homegrown agents who are more or less employees of the company. They are well trained and their functions well spell-tout for you to see. They do not broker any deal on their own and are NOT ALLOWED to take even commissions from tenants or buyers for any work done.

All transactions MUST be done directly with Rentchamber; including bookings and payments. NEVER ever give money to anyone who poses to be our agent.

We have all Our Agents who coordinate Rentchamber activities across all districts of the country here on the website. Know Our Agents

Yes Renter’s Insurance is available for our tenants. We have secured the best and most price-competitive renter’s insurance package on the market that our tenants can access.

Please note that while we encourage Tenants to subscribe to the Renter’s Insurance offer; because it will serve them well in case of any misfortune(fire, burglary, flood, etc), we DO NOT coerce tenants to subscribe.

Yes. Rentchamber designs and builds all kinds of properties. We are a full-fledged real estate developer too with special focus on affordable housing.

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