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GRID Housing is a progressive and affordable housing technology that cuts building costs up to 40%. A GRIDHouse is a product borne out of extensive scientific research and superior global policy directions.

GRID houses are built with the internationally acclaimed Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSB). These blocks have proven to be stronger, more affordable and faster to use than sandcrete blocks.

The utility of the ISSB combined with the World Bank’s QII (Quality Infrastructure Investment) and GRID (Green, Resilient Inclusive Development) principles; is what has motivated our company to role out this product.



Saves The Planet


Saves You Money


Withstands Earthquake

Financial Benefits:

  • Due to the interlocking nature of
    ISSBs, far less mortar is required thus saving on construction costs.
  •  Since the blocks can be made on
    site, costs associated with their
    transportation are eliminated.
  • Due to their appearance, plastering
    of the walls can be avoided further
    reducing construction costs.
  • Using the blocks results to fast
    construction since they are largely
    stacked and have no curing time.

Structural Benefits:

  • ISSB technology allows the
    production of uniform blocks with
    greater strength than fired blocks,
    concrete blocks etc. These blocks
    have a high density which gives it
    more load bearing capacity and
    improved water resistance.
  • Due to the high density and thermal properties of soil, these blocks provide better thermal insulation by the ability to absorb heat during daytime – keeping buildings cool inside, and to release that heat inside buildings at night, keeping them warm.

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