New Affordable Housing Move A “Create, Loot And Share” Venture: Expert

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The government’s new affordable housing project has been described as a create, loot and share venture for the Akufo-Addo administration. The Minority in Parliament has said the project has been launched without parliamentary approval.

The new housing project was launched on August 1, 2023, to be situated at Pokuase in the Greater Accra Region and Deduase in the Ashanti Region.

The government has faced opposition to its plan to deliver a new affordable housing project. The Minority in Parliament said the project, which was launched on August 1, 2023, does not have parliamentary approval.

Sampson Ahi, the Bodi MP, told the press the lack of parliamentary approval compromised the legality of the new project. “So you have presented such a document to Parliament for approval and it has not even been laid, yet they are there cutting sod to commence work. What does that mean? Is it a slap on Parliament?”

Corruption Concerns

Divine Aggor, the CEO of the Rentchamber Group, an organisation that advocates for housing reform, told that there were clear corruption concerns with the new project. He believes the state cannot execute an affordable housing project, as seen with the failed Saglemi Affordable Housing Project. “Per the historical performance by the government, as it relates to affordable housing, this can best be described as, as justice Dotse said, a create, loot and share arrangement. That is the perfect description of what is happening.” “What Nana Addo is doing right now can best be described as a criminal venture because if you look at all the facts… this new venture by the government can no way inure to the benefit of Ghanaians.”

Aggor also noted that there is no push for government-led affordable housing projects by Ghanaians because of the generally failed attempts in the past. has also noted at least eight affordable housing projects in existence.

About the New Project

This new project will see private developers provide 8,000 units at Pokuase in the Greater Accra Region and 6,000 housing units at Dedesua in the Ashanti Region. The private developers are Rehoboth Properties, State Housing Company Limited, Devtraco Group Limited, FrankPauls Ventures Company Limited and Douja Promotion Addoha Groupe Limited. The government has also given private developers a price ceiling for the housing units. According to figures from the housing ministry, a studio apartment will cost up to $13,800, a one-bedroom up to $20,700, a two-bedroom up to $34,500, and a three-bedroom up to $42,550. The government would be providing free land and utilities for the private developers. The first batch of 4,000 houses is expected in 18 months.


Written by: Delali Adogla-Bessa

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